Mehr Fardoonji

The owner, Mehr Fardoonji was born in India and came to England at the age of 7 with her mother and brother. After finishing her studies, she returned to India by land at the age of 23.

In India, she worked for 6 years in the Gandhi movement. In Gandhi's Ashram she read about Albert Howard and the organic movement and was convinced that land was the basis of life and organic farming the only way to the health of land and people.

Mehr then worked in Vinoba Bhave's land gift movement (Bhoodan) and eventually lived for 4 years in a Bhoodan village in the foothills of the Himalayas

At 29, Mehr returned to England for family reasons and travelled the country, and worked in 3 different market gardens to gain experience.

In 1962 Oakcroft was bought for her and her mother by her brother.

To help support the garden Mehr taught adults through WEA classes in various subjects and still teaches yoga with philosophy.

The land at Oakcroft is precious to Mehr and she wants it to remain organic and be growing vegetables and fruit for a growing market.

Mehr lives in the house with her husband Nicholas Gillett, a Quaker Teacher and author. Together they planted 1 acre of Woodland at the south of the holding.

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